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YUNO warranty

  • A 100% correct sleeping position
  • Up to 100 days after the invoicing date, we offer you the opportunity to exchange your inlay, once and for free. After the 100 day period, we charge a cost of € 159 (excl. Shipping costs) per inlay adjustment.
  • We guarantee a correct sleeping position throughout the mattress’s entire life span. If, throughout the years,  you feel a distress or a desire to get a re-measurement because of, for example, severe weight changes, surgery, … you can always visit your advice point or contact us via [email protected] Any altered inlay configuration will ensure your sleep attitude is correct.
    The adjustment of the inlay can be done at any time during the mattress lifetime at a cost of € 159 per inlay. (Excl. Shipping costs).
  • In the unlikely event that you would notice material or manufacturing defaults, the costs for repair or replacement will be 100% on account of YUNO up to 24 months after the invoice date. From the 3rd year and up to 8 years after the invoice date, a depreciation scheme applies.
Warranty YUNO mattress