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Our mission

A correct sleeping posture is an important condition for our physical well-being. With the YUNO adjustable mattress, we aspire to become the world-wide reference for achieving a 100% correct sleeping posture. Simultaneously, we want to offer a scientifically sound solution for neck, back and other complaints caused by a wrong sleeping posture.

Our claim

YUNO guarantees a 100% correct sleeping posture.

Our vision

One single mattress, tailored to your uniqueness.
Within five minutes, you are ensured of a 100% correct sleeping posture

The YUNO sleeping technology originated from a scientific project. During five years, Custom8, a spin-off of the KU Leuven University, has been helping us with the development of a measuring system, inlays and the mattress.
YUNO guarantees a 100% correct sleeping posture and assumes the responsibility for it. For 100 months.

Within the mish-mash of existing sleeping systems, it is often the marketing budget that determines the level of success. Indeed, the differences between the various sleeping systems are negligible. Whether or not they contain pocket springs, cold foam, latex, memory-foam, water or gel, they all have been designed for the average person (*). YUNO has a different approach with a sleeping system as unique as you.

(*) The average person weighs 73.726 kg, has 2.321 children and … does not exist.