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YUNO mattress

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YUNO is responsible for the development of orthopedic and medical mattresses. The scientifically proven YUNO mattress sends low back pain and other back problems to the past for good.

YUNO, the world’s first adaptable mattress

Yuno developed a new technology for the production of scientific, medical and orthopedic mattresses. Thanks to this new technology, we are able to provide you with a customized mattress for your body.

Our customizable ergo mattress has an interchangeable inlay of Naturalis® high resilience foam that provides the perfect support to your shoulders, waist and hips.

With a special test, which you can do either at one of our advice points or by appointment on one of our info sessions, the YUNO program determines which mattress is best for you.

An orthopedic mattress to prevent lower back pain or other back problems

Do you suffer from back problems? Trust and rely on the new YUNO mattresses for a solution! Thanks to our new technology, the orthopedic mattress adapts to your body so you always get the correct sleeping posture and reduce your back problems – low back pain and other back problems disappear in many cases. YUNO’s scientifically proven mattress guarantees a 100% correct sleeping posture, with the result that back pains and problems belong to the past.

You can buy your personal YUNO mattress in our online store or at one of our approved advice centers.