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YUNO, a mattress as unique as you

With the adaptable, ergonomic mattress YUNO wants to become the worldwide reference for a 100% correct sleeping posture.

Why Yuno?

Because we want to ensure you get the perfect sleep.
Sleeping is one of the living needs of humankind and just as important as food and drinks. It is scientifically proven that sleep is indispensable for a good health. By sleeping, we can restore both mentally and physically. A wrong attitude at sleep is often caused by the use of a bad mattress and/or pillow. Result: neck and back problems and sleep deprivation.

We realize you cannot see the wood for the trees anymore due to the oversupply in sleeping systems.
That is why we want to help you with a mattress that is perfect for you.

My Mattress

developed icxTraditional mattresses are made for the average person, who does not exist.
The YUNO mattress, on the other hand, has been developed for the unique person.
Even the YUNO pillow is tailor-made. To this end, YUNO has followed a scientific process.
Not only does YUNO take into account my weight, but also my figure, gender, age, height, sleeping posture, type of base, etc…

How does it work?

Take measurements and enter the results.
The programme recommends the type of mattress and the inlay that fits my body.
My mattress is ready. YUNO guarantees me a 100% correct sleeping posture.

My guarantees



Three combined strips or pads of different,well-chosen Naturalis® High Resilience foams. Each pad supports one of the zones that determine a correct sleeping posture; shoulders, waist and hips.
The inlay is always interchangeable.



YUNO guarantees me a 100% correct sleeping posture.

1) 100 days test period
2) 100 months inlay trade-in warranty
3) 100 months quality guarantee



A five year’s scientific project forms the basis of the YUNO concept. Together with Yuno, Custom8, a spin-off of the KU Leuven University, Department of Biomechanics, developed both the measuring system and the mattress composition with the different inlays.



Can be done on my PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone or at the YUNO advice point.