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Perfect ergonomic sleep with a mattress of YUNO. Thanks to the scientifically proven medical YUNO mattress you are guaranteed a healthy sleep posture!
On his quest for 100% correct sleeping posture YUNO developed in collaboration with Custom 8, a spin-off of KU Leuven, a high-tech mattress. These innovative, ergonomic mattresses are thanks to their interchangeable components fully adaptable to your body and therefore “as unique as yourself.”

Ergonomic sleeping on a scientifically proven medical mattress YUNO
Do you often suffer from back problems or neck pain after sleeping? Discover our YUNO ergonomic mattress and reduce your orthopedic problems. A healthy sleep posture depends a lot on your mattress and / or pillow , unfortunately both often don’t offer the correct support for your body.

After a measurement, which can be done either on a home-appointment or in one of our information-centers, we produce your personal customized mattress. With the scientifically proven ergonomic mattress YUNO you are assured of a 100% healthy sleep attitude!